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Enriqueta is a food writer, a recipe developer, a food photographer and since 2010, she has been the author of Savoir Faire, a well known cooking and cocktail blog where her two passions for cooking and writing converge, and where she also writes about Miami’s lifestyle, as well as being a woman wearing so many hats.

With a Masters Degree from Columbia University and vast experience as a journalist and in the Public Relations field, she decided to stay home to raise her two boys. Currently, she’s a freelance content provider for Café Mom's Mamás Latinas, Miami Diario and Orgullosa, where she writes mostly about food. Her blog and recipes have been featured in BBC Mundo, Terra and in magazines and newspapers in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Caracas, México City, Lima and London.

When she’s not cooking or writing, you can find her doing gastronomic tours and restaurant reviews, exploring farmer markets, searching for new ingredients, as well as interviewing trendsetters in Miami.

Would you like to partner with Savoir Faire on a project? There are many ways Enriqueta can work with brands, PR agencies and companies, including:

Brand Ambassadorship
Content development
English to Spanish translations
Ghost writing
Photography and Food Styling
Product reviews
Recipe development
Restaurant reviews
Social media campaigns
Sponsored posts
Sponsored giveaways

If you have a different idea of how you would like to work with Savoir Faire, please contact Enriqueta Lemoine at

Media kit available upon request.

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