Savoir Faire: Ron de Venezuela

Ron de Venezuela

Ron de Venezuela is a Controlled Denomination of Origin, ―Appellation Contrôlé― granted to some of the finest rums in the world: the rums of Venezuela, my home country.

It was assigned by the Venezuelan Intellectual Property Service to those añejos whose quality, distinctive characteristics and reputation are due to the geographic area where they are produced.

At least five elements work together to give Ron de Venezuela its uniqueness:

Tropical weather, sunny days, cooler nights, constant winds and abundant rain.

Rich, sun-drenched soils where since the 16th century they have grown the juiciest sugar cane.

High-purity alcohol, distilled from premium quality molasses.

Pure water from deep wells to dilute the alcohol that it’s aged in oak barrels for at least two years, in accordance with Venezuelan legislation.

And, even more important, a more that 200 year know-how of sugar cane together with the traditional craft of distilling and ageing: a legacy of the master-blenders of the past two centuries.

For many years I worked for Ron Santa Teresa, an independent family business and the oldest Ron de Venezuela producer. Because of my job, I have being writing about rum history, economics and the process to make this spirit a world awarded one.

However, since I moved first to Southern California and more recently to Florida, I’m experiencing a true rum renaissance. Not only I have seen rum bars opening worldwide in the last two years, but I’m also discovering and learning about the pleasures of rum as the main ingredient for cutting edge cocktails and fresh market mixology.

Those are the pleasures that I want to share with you…


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