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I use to answer all emails, comments on my FaceBook wall, tweets on my Twitter, questions and so on. You name it and I always get back to you. Being a PR person, I know how important is to answer and give feedback, always.

Since I started Savoir Faire, back in July 2010, I have noticed that there are some recurrent questions, so I decided to group and answer them here, to save time for me and my readers. If you a have a different question or inquiry, please feel free to email me at: and I’ll be more than happy to answer you.

About photography
Who takes your pictures?
All pictures in Savoir Faire are my own, unless it's otherwise stated in each post.

What camera and lenses do you use?
Up to May 2011, I used my family camera: a Sony DSC-H7 and sometimes even my Blackberry camera. Since then, I'm using a Canon EOS Rebel T3 with an 18-33 mm lens.

What kind of lights do you use when shooting your pictures?
Most of the time I try to use natural light.

Where do you shoot your food pictures?
Mostly in my kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room and patio. In November 2011 I discovered a "magic" window in my living room. That's my favorite spot.

Do you shoot professional product pictures?
Unfortunately, I don’t have the equipment. I took four photography classes while in Journalism School and while working in Venezuela, I used to be photography director for many shootings for Ron Santa Teresa and Concha y Toro brands.

About writing and Savoir Faire
You have a very particular way to write your posts and recipes. Where did you learn that?
I’m a writer who loves to cook and a cook who loves to write. At the end what I am is a storyteller. I have a BA in Journalism from one of the best Journalism schools in Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela), and earned and MPA from Columbia University. I have worked as a reporter for international news agencies, and as a foreign correspondent and chief editor for major Venezuelan newspapers. I have been writing nonfiction all my life.

Any suggestions for somebody who wants to write and doesn’t know how and where to start?
Read and write and write and read, systematically. If it's possible: write daily.

Any suggestions for somebody who wants to start a blog?
Discipline and perseverance and love for the details.

Why Savoir Faire, how do you get that name?
My mother tongue is Spanish and I live in the United States. Savoir Faire comes in both English and Spanish. I wanted a neutral language to name it and I choose French, which I studied a little while living in Switzerland. In addition, I like the meaning of the two words: it tells you about knowing how to do things and my goal with this blog, besides having fun, is to share what I know about cooking and mixing in a simple way.

Savoir Faire comes in Spanish and English, which comes first?
English. I see Savoir Fair as a blog written in English with a mirror in Spanish.

About Ron de Venezuela
Why Ron de Venezuela?
Ron de Venezuela is not only a Controlled Denomination of Origin that I support, I believe in, I am proud of and I work for, since it was granted, back in 2003, to the finest añejos in the world. It is also a strong bond that I have with my home country. It tells me about the good things we do and know how to do. It reminds me that yes, no matter what, we do have traditions, we know how to preserve and keep them alive, we can make world class products and again yes, we can successfully sell them around the world!

Are there any Ron de Venezuela brands with Controlled Denomination of Origin besides Ron Santa Teresa and what are the commercial brands?
Yes, there are. The Controlled Denomination of Origin Ron de Venezuela was granted to the following companies and brands:
Bebidas El Muco: Ron Bodega 1800, limited edition; Ron Añejo El Muco, Dinastía and Emperador.
Complejo Industrial Licorero del Centro: Estelar and Ocumare.
Corporación Alcoholes del Caribe: Ron Cañaveral, which comes with three different labels: Etiqueta Roja, Etiqueta Negra y Etiqueta Azul.
Destilería Carúpano:  Ron Añejo Legendario, Ron Añejo Carúpano Solera Centenaria Reserva Limitada, Ron Añejo Carúpano Oro Reserva Especial and Ron Carúpano Añejo.
Destilerías Unidas: Diplomático Añejo, Diplomático Reserva and Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva.
Diageo de Venezuela: Ron Pampero, Pampero Oro, Selección 1938, Aniversario, Ron Cacique Cacique Añejo, Cacique 500 and Cacique Antiguo.
Ron Santa Teresa: Bodega Privada, Bicentenario A.J.Vollmer, Santa Teresa 1796, Selecto, Santa Teresa Añejo (Gran Reserva) Santa Teresa Blanco and Santa Teresa Claro.

Does Ron de Venezuela sponsor Savoir Faire?
No, it doesn't. However, I have been commissioned to write booklets, press releases, speeches and other contents related to the Controlled Denomination of Origin Ron de Venezuela.

Does Ron Santa Teresa sponsor Savoir Faire?
No, it doesn't. However, I worked for Santa Teresa since the very day in which I quit journalism (if such a thing is possible) and I have a longterm relationship with the Vollmer family and I truly love all their brands.

Do you plan to mix cocktails with other spirits besides rum?
Sure, in fact in 2012 one of my first posts was an aperitif with no rum. However, rum always will have a special place in both my palate and my heart.

More questions
You don’t have meat in your blog. Are you vegetarian?
Not at all, but as I always say: I’m indifferent to meat. Once in a while I post meat, fish and pultry recipes. Savoir Faire is a work in progress.

Can we exchange links?
I share my favorite blogs but don’t systematically exchange links. The only reason I display a link is because I really know and love the blog.

Do you sell your breads, cakes, cookies, jellies and sauces anywhere?
No, I don't. However, I have had so many requests that I’m starting to think about that #LoL.

How can I substitute an ingredient?
Here is the thing: I try to cook healthy, earthy and mostly simple and easy. I respect all ingredients but my cooking is not sugar-free, fat-free, gluten-free or lactose-free. I use to mention substitutions only if I’m positive they work: yellow squash instead of zucchini, Splenda instead of sugar while mixing cocktails, or yogurt if I have no buttermilk handy to make pancakes or ginger bread.

Last revision: September 2013.
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