Spooky Halloween Quesadillas

Spooky Halloween quesadillas. Yes, I know Halloween is not my favorite holiday. But the fact I don’t like Halloween has nothing to do with the fact I love to surprise my kids with unexpected meals. Or rather, presenting ordinary food in fun ways.

Note for example these spooky quesadillas. They are a super easy breakfast or snack, prepared with just 2 ingredients and ready in a trice. To make them you just need a ghost shaped cookie cutter, white corn tortillas (perfect if you follow a gluten free diet), and cheese of your choice. I hope you like this idea and save it on Pinterest.
Quesadillas for Halloween | Ingredients for 8 quesadillas
16 white corn tortillas
8 slices of cheese
Ketchup (for eyes)

1. Make a “sandwich” with two tortillas and a slice of cheese.
2. With the help of a cookie cutter, cut the quesadillas.
3. Heat a skillet, comal or griddle to medium and cook the quesadillas until cheese begins to melt.

4. With the help of a tooth pick, make the ghost’s eyes and mouth with ketchup sauce.

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