The Quiet Man: Because what whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for

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The Quiet Man. The name of a movie, The Quiet Man is also the name of a new Irish whiskey, whose launching in the US market, at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, I had the opportunity to attend recently.
I'm not a whiskey person, but the elegance of the bottle and the invitation made me curious and I went to the Fontainebleau to learn more about The Quiet Man, the first whiskey aged and bottled in Derry, in north Ireland, in 100 years.

Introduced by Luxco, a company dedicated to the production, distribution and marketing of alcoholic beverages in the U.S., The Quiet Man comes in two varieties: The Quiet Man Traditional Irish Blended Whiskey and The Quiet Man 8-Year Single Malt Irish Whiskey.
When I asked Ciaran Mulgrew, managing director and co-owner of Niche Drinks and creator of The Quiet Man, why did they chose Miami as a gateway to the competitive US market, his response was candid: our city is known for its bars, restaurants, nightlife and party vibe.

The Quiet Man is named after John Mulgrow: “In more than 50 years behind the bar, my father saw and heard it all, but like all good bartenders, he was true to the code and told no tales. He was ‘the quiet man’ or as they say in the pubs of Ireland, ‘An Fear Ciuin.’”
Photo courtesy The Quiet Man
And so was born this whiskey, bottled in Derry by Niche Drinks, a company that since 1983 produces cream liqueurs (Shannon's Irish Coffee and Shannon's Irish Cream Liqueur) as well as ready to drink cocktails.

The fermented malt is distilled in traditional Irish whiskey pot stills, the resulting alcohol is aged in white oak barrels and then in first-fill bourbon barrels which give The Quiet Man its sweet and spicy notes.
Photo courtesy The Quiet Man
According to Mulgrew, it is precisely the aging what makes the difference between a good whiskey and a great whiskey. Contrary to widespread belief, it’s not only the quality of the grains (barley, wheat, corn) to be distilled, but the aging what gives whiskey its distinctive attributes.

I’ll post the recipe of the 'Irish Sweetheart,' the cocktail I had during the Miami launching of The Quiet Man, cause “what whiskey will not cure, there is no cure for," as the Irish say. 

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