Plantain Arepas-Fit with Panela Cheese (Recipe and Video)

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These plantain arepas-fit combine three ingredients that nobody can resist at home: ripe plantain, arepas and white cheese.
They resemble mandocas (fried plantain donuts), with the advantage there is nothing to fry.
Like mandocas, these plantain arepas are simply irresistible if you serve them with fresh white panela cheese.
Because they are so, so thin (even more than the telita arepas my grandma used to make) you can put two arepitas together and make a sort of cheese sandwich.
But you can also fill them, because, like piloncillo and anise sweet fried arepas, these bulge when you are cooking them (a sign they are already cooked.)
The trick to make these arepas so skinny and plump is to put the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap, roll it out with a rolling pin and then cut it as if you're cutting cookies.
These arepas are a staple in my kitchen and since I made for the first time, I always have dough made in the refrigerator.
Now that the holidays are around the corner, they are perfect for a Thanksgiving breakfast, as a snack or simply to bring some tropical flavor to your Thanksgiving table.
Plantain Arepas-Fit with Panela Cheese | Ingredients for 16 3-inch arepas
4 ripe plantains, peeled and cut into 3 or 4 pieces
1 cup yellow corn arepa flour 
1 tablespoon softened butter
½ cup Cacique Cotija cheese ground
1 pinch of salt
Cacique panela cheese

1. Cut each piece of plantain lengthwise and remove the seeds and veins.
2. In a pot with water, boil the plantains until they float, about 5-7 minutes, depending on how ripe they are.
3. With a slotted spoon, remove the bananas from the water. Reserve a bit of water just in case you need it to knead the dough.
4. With a fork and while they are still hot, puree the plantains.
5. Stir in arepa flour and stir with the fork. Add the butter, stir and, if needed, add some water (the amount of water will depend on the moisture provided by the plantains.)
6. Add the Cotija cheese and knead with your hands until you have a smooth, elastic dough. Make balls a little bigger than a golf ball and let stand for about 5 minutes.
7. Preheat a griddle or skillet over medium heat.
8. On a sheet of plastic wrap, put a ball of dough, cover with plastic wrap and roll it out with a rolling pin. The dough should be about 1/8 inch thick.
9. With a cup, cut the arepas.
10. Place the arepas in the griddle and grill for about 2-3 minutes, flip them and cook them until they bulge (a sign they are ready).
11. Serve hot with butter and panela cheese.
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