El Guarapo Hennessy

I knew nothing about Los Rakas (the Panamanian hip-hop duo based in California). Neither did I know who Domican-American actress and model Julissa Bermúdez was. Nor who DJMando was. But when Hennessy V.S. (V.S. means very special) sent me an invitation to a tasting of cocktails during the week of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, I loved the idea and then learned that Los Rakas, Bermúdez and DJMando are the newest members of Team Hennessy, a talented group of people who embody Hennessy’s mantra of “Never stop. Never settle.”

Hennessy is a brand of French cognac, owned by Möet-Hennessy, which in turn is owned by LVMH (Louis Vuitton Möet Hennessy).
Since 1765, Hennessy's distillery in Cognac, France, produces the finest cognac. In the particular case of Hennessy V.S., it's the result of a blend of about 40 eaux-de-vie (distilled from grapes produced in the region), which is then aged for up to 8 years in French oak casks.
Hennessy sells about 50 million bottles a year worldwide, more than 40% of the world’s cognac, making it the world's largest cognac producer.
The idea of ​​making cocktails with a cognac with a tradition of 250 years was familiar to me: it is what I do when I mix with Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo Solera.
So I went to the Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach and while the Billboard’s Conference unfolded, I was inthralled with Mexican-Filipino mixologist Joseph D. Solis, who came specially from New York to mix and shake three signature cocktails, all starring Hennessy V.S. It's as good as it gets...
The following is the recipe for El Guarapo Hennessy. I tried it and loved it. I bet, so will you!
El Guarapo Hennessy | Ingredients
2 oz of Hennessy V.S. cognac
1 oz fresh sugar cane juice
1/4 oz of passion fruit puree (maracuyá or parchita)
1/2 oz of simple syrup (1 part sugar and 1 part water)
2 drops of orange bitters
2 drops of bitter
Lemon peel for garnish
Brandied cherry to decorate

In a shaker with ice add the cognac, the sugar cane juice, passion fruit puree and bitters.

Shake vigorously and double strain into a short glass.

Garnish with lemon peel and cherry.

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