Giving Thanks

For my children, who are still my two personal miracles.
For the good fortune of living in this country that seven years ago welcomed us with open arms, so that today my children and I can proudly say "Yes, we are Americans".
For being in good health.
For my brother Ernesto.
Because I could enjoy my Dad Francisco for nearly 50 years.
For my Mom, who taught me that 50 is when life begins.
For my Dad Gustavo from whom I inherited my indomitable spirit and foolproof optimism.
For my friends, the family I chose, and especially for my girlfriends: for being always there, unconditionally. Without you I wouldn’t be where I’m at, with you guys I'll go to infinity and beyond.
For mi Compadre from whom I learned that adversity is the door to opportunity.
For all my falls because they have taught me to get up with the certainty that "Yes, I can".
For the gifts of resilience and reinvention.
For loving what I do for a living.
For readers like you who encourage me and inspire me to continue, with joy, in this life journey, full of flavors and aromas.
Because life is beautiful and worth living.
I'm counting my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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