Time to Celebrate National Waffle Day at Love Is Blind

                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo: courtesy of Love Is Blind

Here I come again.

You may be thinking that I'm not cooking anymore. Actually, I'm cooking more than ever. Besides having my recipes posted on Mamás Latinas on a daily basis, starting this September they are going to also be seen on Orgullosa, a blog for Latino women in the U.S. Can you feel that I'm happy?

I'm not pretending to be the next Anton Ego in town, either. But I'm discovering the gastronomique wonders of vibrant, hot and spicy Miami and it drives me to share what I'm tasting and experiencing. Sometimes that can be as much fun as creating a new recipe from scratch.

Going out to discover new places, kitchens and cuisines has to do more with the joy of life, sharing the table, being in good company, loving Miami, enjoying a good mojito or a glass of wine or both.

This coming Sunday I'll be celebrating National Waffle Day not in my kitchen but at Love is Blind in Coral Gables.They will be serving their mouth watering fluffy Belgium waffles with tender chicken breast and crunchy bacon. 

Their brunch choices include Short Rib Benedict and Triple-Decker Hangover Wrecked, served in a cozy ambiance where you can sip 99 cent mimosas while a DJ spinns the best tunes. Do stay tuned and I'll tell you about my experience very soon.

Love is Blind
225 Altara Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33146
+1 (305) 748-6118

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