My First Gastro Tour: The Kitchen Hop Coral Gables Edition

The Kitchen Hop is a great project: in movement and in progress! And I cannot wait for the next crawl. Could the next adventure be Wynwood? Hopefully! Yesterday I had the opportunity to sample food in six of the 10 participating restaurants in this unique gastro-tour in Coral Gables.

Why only six? Because, in spite of the 2-6 PM event hours, by 5 PM Morton’s, Bricktop's, and Red Koi Thai and Sushi had run out of samples (and we couldn’t make it to BurgerFi). This proves that the turn out for the first Miracle Mile gastronomic tour was a total success.
It also tells me that restaurants should be better prepared to please the crowd. Or simply be smarter, as Seasons 52 was: they honored their word and fed us with the best food so now we're hungry for more and will be back sometime soon! Good job Fernando Orms!
This little detail apart, the Coral Gables edition of The Kitchen Hop was fun, to say the least. We enjoyed jumping from kitchen to kitchen sipping 2 and 3 dollar coronitas. I'm not a big meat fan and tasted meatballs, Serrano ham, wieners, and shredded meat. It might be nice if next time chefs added seafood and non-meat options. Just a thought.
Our first stop was Cibo Wine Bar. Great ambiance, but we couldn't enjoy it because the sampling area was on a terrace, in spite of the fact that it was 97˚F outside. There, we had gusty polpettini with tomato sauce and bread.
Our second stop was a big, nice surprise. At Azúcar Cuban Cuisine we had Serrano ham and manzanilla olives. Even if this wasn't a cooked tapa, the extraordinary quality of the ham made us think we were having Ibérico instead of simply Serrano. Cuban neighbors were playing dominoes on the outside terrace and that only means they like the place and so do we!
I felt at home at Fritz and Franz Bierhaus, our third stop. The reason: it has the same look and feel of the Caracas' Fritz and Franz, where as a teen I discovered goulash, sauerkraut and apfelstrudel and learned that wieners are more than hot dogs.
Next stop was at Pincho Factory, a super cool gastro pub where we sampled vaca frita (fried shredded meat) and tostones (fried green plantains), a foreshadow of their tostón's burger? Maybe. We should go back and try it!
At Bulla Gastrobar, our fifth stop, we sampled arroz caldoso (a Spanish rice and seafood dish) but again on an outside terrace and the heat took away half of the fun. We definitely have to go back to see what's the bulla?
We ended at Seasons 52 and were two happy campers with the best flatbread in town. We missed the garlic shrimp and the lamb chops, but we’ll have them soon!

Thank you to Identity Media Co. for the invite and a great PR job! You rock girls!

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