Happy New Year!

Like in Sinatra’s song, I would say 2013 was a very good year. It taught me that great things never came out of comfort zones. To live and feel alive, you need to get out. And risk. And take chances. It may be hard and uncomfortable, but at the end, the results are worth it.
I learned one of the must difficult things (at least for me) in life: to say NO without feeling guilty. It took me a while, but I passed the test and I did it many times. So, it’s a huge bingo!

I also learned how important is not to settle for less that what I really want and deserve. I would rather struggle and be truth to myself, than be comfortable but not loyal to my kids and my principles. Even more important, now I know exactly what I don’t want and that certainty will make my life so much easier, or at least that’s my hope.

In 2013, I let many things go, and finally forgave those who hurt me in the past. Now I can feel the relief and it’s such a great feeling… I'm grateful I can move forward and enjoy my life, my children and be the person I want to be…

The past is gone, the future is unknown and all I have is TODAY, a precious gift. And today I finally realized this is why the call it “the present”? Isn't this beautiful? I feel blessed and grateful.

Today I want to wish you all my readers, the consequent, the new comers, those who only stop by once in a while, a happy and prosperous 2014. I’ll do my best to bring you recipes, ideas and bright colors and flavors and, hopefully, joy!

More than ever, I believe life is beautiful and it’s worth to be lived, no matter what. Andrés Ignacio (12) is not in the picture because he’s a preteen and doesn't want to be on the Internet associated with his mom’s stuff. Perfectly understandable. In the mean time, Tomás Eugenio (10) and I had so much fun doing this selfie.

Life is beautiful!