Three Beans Salad (Thinking Thanksgiving)

It has been a while since I wanted to make this salad. I first saw it, a couple of years ago, canned in glass jars in Costco. More recently, my Twitter friend Radha, a journalist and cook, like me, sent me a picture of a similar one made ​​by her in Caracas.
So, I finally got to work, thinking that since it has green beans, this salad may be a different side dish for a Thanksgiving menu. Easier impossible, especially because this salad is made with a cup of each of the ingredients...
A cup of cooked white beans…
A cup of cooked red beans…
A cup of blanched green beans (they will be fully cooked while marinating in the vinaigrette…)
A cup of minced red onion... and a cup of chopped parsley...
And a cup of vinaigrette prepared with olive oil, red wine vinegar, honey, salt and pepper...
And it is just de-li-ci-o-us! I hope you like it!

Three Beans Salad | Ingredients for 6 servings
1 cup of cooked and drained white beans
1 cup of cooked and drained red beans
1 cup of green beans, cut and blanched for 3 minutes in boiling salted water
1 cup of chopped onion
1 cup of chopped parsley
1 garlic clove, minced
1 cup of vinaigrette made of 2/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil, 1/3 cup of red wine vinegar, 2 teaspoons of coarse sea salt, ½ teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper and 2 tablespoons of honey.

In a bowl, mix all ingredients.

In a small bowl, mix the ingredients for the vinaigrette until emulsified.

Add the vinaigrette to the salad and let marinate in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

Serve cold.

To print the recipe, click here.

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