Faraway, So Close. Farewell Simón Alberto

Yesterday was a sad day. One of those days in which all you want is to be in Caracas, with your friends, mourning the passing of Simón Alberto Consalvi at the age of 83.

When a common friend, my dearest Rayma Suprani (who was so kind to illustrate this post for me), gave me the news, I broke into tears. The finest politician and diplomat, the sharpest journalist and historian, Simón Alberto was one of those bold intellectual figures that you grew up admiring.

Twice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Simón Alberto was also Minister of Interior and Justice and also Secretary of the Presidency in a time in which democracy ruled my home country. He authored many books including, biographies of Rómulo Gallegos, Juan Vicente Gómez, José Rafael Pocaterra, Armando Reverón and George Washington…

We were in touch through the Caracas Press Club… the last time that we had a têt a têt was on a Christmas gathering in Chepita Gómez’s house, back in 2000. We had a Christmas present exchange and I brought a rare bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin La Gran Dame, a blend of eight grand crus

Fortunately, Simón Alberto was the recipient of my present. He thanked me and told me his problem would be to find the right company to enjoy that very unique champagne… I never told him, but I would have loved to share just one sip with him while being mesmerized by his deep, hoarse and raspy voice, telling his truly amazing stories... after all, what could be sexier than that? What a charming man...

Almost three years ago, we met again on Twitter. I couldn't believe my eyes when he started to follow me. His were the sharpest 140 characters anybody could write about anything. Precise, concise, no waste at all.

There is more. There was a time in which Simón Alberto was looking for a personal assistant. We were neighbors in Los Palos Grandes and I secretly dreamed about that job. Somebody told me that I was overqualified. Overqualified? Just because we both graduated from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs?

Oh no! Nobody could be overqualified to work for Simón Alberto. Not me.  So, I put all my papers together and was ready to apply, but then I decided not to do it. The reason? I was afraid of falling in love with the man whose intelligence, wisdom and persona had me mesmerized over the years…  Yes, it was then that I realized Simón Alberto would be my forever secret platonic love.

Farewell Simón Alberto. Good bye my love.

And thank you Rayma for being there when I needed it.

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