Mangos and Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today is my grandma Ligia 95 birthday. She must be having mangos (and so do I), from the various mango trees in her property at El Valle del Espíritu Santo, in Margarita Island, where she was born.

She doesn’t remember many things. But she still loves mangos (and so do I), flat arepas and fried carite (mako). And she only eats these three things as if there were no more flavors in this Earth.

Ligia María Mujica de Villarroel was one of the strongest women I ever met and for sure the smartest. She was the matriarch of our family. With my grandpa Efraín she raised their eight children and some of their grandchildren, including me. What a lucky girl I am.

Her influence in my life is not only incommensurable but indelible. Because of her, I (the daughter of an atheist) am “mariana”: I believe in God and in our Blessed Virgin Mary. Through her, I learned that cooking is nothing but the simplest, purest act of love.
I owed this post to my grandma and to myself since the beginning of this blog. It doesn’t matter she doesn’t know who I am. I love her and I woke up today thinking of her and having mangos...
Happy Birthday Grandma!