Here is the deal. Now that I live in Florida and I can buy Ron de Venezuela around the corner, I’m challenging myself. I’m going to create, develop, adapt or simply post 30 recipes with Santa Teresa Añejo during the next 90 days. Why Santa Teresa Añejo? Because I love cocktails and this is the perfect rum to mix tropical cocktails.

Known in Venezuela as Gran Reserva, this is one of the greatest Ron de Venezuela brands and Santa Teresa’s flagship rum not only in my home country but also in the export markets.

The result of an ingenious blending of first quality rums, Santa Teresa Añejo is aged up to five years in oak barrels and casks. The cask ageing gives this añejo its distinctive smoothness and unique character, making it ideal to mix with soft drinks and fruit juices.

The following tasting notes were written as part of my work for Santa Teresa.

Tasting Notes
To the sight: brilliant, bright amber golden color.
To the nose: fruity and mature aroma, it evokes sugar cane.
To the palate: fruity rum añejo, with ardent notes, perfectly combines its freshness with a wood subtle strength. Smooth, light body, silky, it is at the same time firm and smooth to the palate.

Recipes with Santa Teresa Añejo in this blog include:
Añejo Mint Julep
Homemade “Ponche”
Lady Roseta
Melon Bomb 
Meyer Lemon Aged Rum Sour 
Rum, nuts, dry fruits and spices maceration 
Rum Infused Pecan Pie 
Summer in Barcelona 

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