Happy 4th, Happy 5th and a Guarapita Toast to Freedom!

                                                                                                                                                             Photos courtesy: Ron Santa Teresa
Because today is 4th of July and we celebrate the birth of this amazing country and its independency from the British Crown back in 1776. Because rum is the spirit of the ’76 American Revolution.

Because tomorrow is 5th of July and we celebrate the independency of Venezuela from the Spanish Crown back in 1811. 
Because rum is also our national spirit, I share these appealing pictures of a guarapita:  our national rum punch, our initiation concoction, the first alcoholic drink Venezuelans have. 
Everybody likes and makes guarapitas. But the recipe is the best kept secret. All we know it’s made with rum, fresh fruit juice and lots of ice. 
Cheers to freedom, to my home country where freedom is at risk and God bless America for receiving us with wide open arms.

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