It's not Clear. It's not Gold. It's Claro!

Hello everybody. I’m back. After my packing marathon, four days on the road —crossing the country from coast to coast—, and trying to make my new appartment in Florida home, I’m back with a post I wanted to write almost two years ago. I apologize because this is not a recipe but a product review of one of my favorite añejos and no doubt the best one to make mojitos and daiquiris.

I decided to write this for many reasons: in spite of my unpacking marathon, my kitchen is not ready yet and I haven’t shot a picture since I moved to our new place; there are so many friends to visit and call and talk to that I didn’t have the time to do any blogging; and last but not least, this aged rum is so good to mix with tropical fruits that is the perfect spirit to celebrate my new sunny and tropical home state.

Originally developed for the sophisticated Italian market, Ron de Venezuela Santa Teresa Claro is the last addition to Ron Santa Teresa's portfolio. It became an immediate success in Europe where it’s considered the mixologist’s favorite.

Now is available in the U.S., mainly in Florida and New York. “The main reason we love Claro is because it’s a rum that tastes like rum,” said Giuseppe González, mixologist and co-owner of PKNY, in the East Village in NYC, where Claro is a must for signature tiki and tropical cocktails, including piña coladas, daiquiris swizzles and, of course, mojitos.

My favorite thing about this rum is that you can mix it with all kinds of fruits and herbs and, at the end, the rum flavor prevails.

Claro is a delicate blend of rums up to 3 years old, including light and heavy rums, aged in oak barrels and casks at the Hacienda Santa Teresa, in my home country, Venezuela. Heavy rums give Claro its character and permanence, bringing the aromas and flavors that make it the ideal rum for mixing cocktails.

The following tasting notes were written as part of my job, hand in hand with Ron Santa Teresa’s Rum Master Néstor Ortega.

Tasting Notes
To the sight: brilliant pale golden, dense, rich in tears.
To the nose: ardent, sugar cane aroma, fruity, with apple, banana and pineapple notes, and a light wood fragrance.
To the palate: fruit and wood taste with sweet sugar cane notes. Light and persistent body, with a sweet aftertaste, green aromatic fruits.

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