Dyed Easter Eggs

First of all, this post is dedicated to my sister Carolina and her mom Diana.

I wanted to make my own Easter Eggs since I discovered Boulder Locavore last year.
A work in progress, I’m not used to planning anything in my blog.
What I post is what I cook and what we eat. So there was no reason to dye eggs… up to yesterday!
Because there is not such an agenda for this blog, it was Glory Saturday at 5 pm when I decided to give these eggs a chance, following Boulder Locavore directions.
Those directions can be summarized in boiling coloring agents (beets for red, purple cabbage for blue, spinach for green and turmeric for yellow), discarding the vegetables, adding some white vinegar to the colored liquid, and immersing hard boiled eggs to dye them until they get the desired color.
In the process, I learned a couple of things:
.Because the coloring agents really color, use an apron and carefully wash your hands (so you don't need an extra manicure!)
.Because it takes a while for the eggs to get colored, it is better to let them dye overnight and undisturbed.
.If the eggs are to be eaten, they should stay in the refrigerator while dying.
.Wide mouth Mason jars are perfect to use as dying containers and can be capped to avoid any mess.
.Once the eggs are colored, it is good to let them dry in the egg carton.
.To make the color brighter and more intense, the eggs can be gently rubbed with cooking oil.
.Once pealed, the eggs can be eaten as plain hard boiled eggs, as deviled eggs or in a egg salad.
Happy Easter!

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