Root Beer Float

I remember having “cream sodas” (ice cream and soda) with my Dad, when he would take me to the old Caracas drive-in theater.

Besides the “adventure” of going to the movies without leaving the car, there were always club sandwiches and cream sodas.
But I never tasted a root beer one. In fact, I first tasted root bear when I went to grad school in NYC and, by the way, I didn’t like it.
But guess what: root beer is Andrés Ignacio (10) favorite soda and root beer float is one of his favorite drinks. Every time he has friends over, there is always root beer float involved.
Tomorrow will be one of those days. He invited two of his friends to watch the Super Bowl. And when I asked what you would like to eat on Super Bowl Sunday, he answered “root beer float and popcorn, Mom”. Isn’t he cute?
So, for my social butterfly and to celebrate how easily he melted into the American culture, here is his root beer float, served in “made in America” Mason jars. To Andrés!
Root Beer Float
Vanilla ice cream
Root beer
Whipping Cream
Maraschino cherries

Scoop some ice cream in a glass. Add some root bear. Top with whipping cream and a maraschino cherry.
To print the recipe click here.

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