1, 2, 3 Blueberry Butter!

Because my cranberry butter was so yummy.

Because my brother and his family are leaving today (and I wanted to spoil everybody one more time.)
I made this beautiful creamy blueberry butter and I’m going to pretend the little people will enjoy this purple butter with “those blue things”.
This will jazz up any bread, toast, pancakes, French toasts and so on… no need to say the color is so cool.
Dried Blueberry Butter | Ingredients for 1 cup
12 Tbs (1 ½ stick) of butter
½ cup of dried blueberries, chopped

Place the butter with the blueberries in a food processor bowl and process until well-combined and the butter turns purple. To refrigerate or freeze, place the butter on parchment paper or plastic wrap, wrap it and shape it into a log.

To print the recipe click here.

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