The Fragrance of the Guava and other Southern California Treasures

This week, Fidelia, my “fairy godmother” brought me guavas from her patio, three blocks from my house. I didn’t know we can grow guavas in the high desert.

I have no words to describe the fragrance of guavas ripening in my kitchen. I couldn’t help thinking of Colombian Literature Nobel Prize, Gabriel García Márquez, who confessed to his friend Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza, that all the enigmas of our Latin American culture can be reduced to the smell of a ripe guava…
Looking for a nice pomegranate tree I went to the nursery and out of the blue they gave me a jumbo pomegranate that was splitting. I have never seen such beautiful explosion. Now I understand why in Spanish we call garnets granates
I went to see Denisse for a haircut, and she gave the most fleshy, sweetest medjool dates, grown in Indio, less than one hour from home. They were so good, that we ate them like candy.
I got these three edible presents, that summarize the blessing of Southern California sunshine, while it was snowing in the mountains, 45 minutes away from here and the same week that we turned the clock back one hour.
Fall is finally in the air. I wake up and it’s dark and when it’s 5:00 pm, it’s dark again. After a long, hot summer, it’s not bad at all to wear sweaters and boots and enjoy the fireplace. My only concern is that I have less daylight hours to cook and shoot my pictures…
Besides that, the new season brings a sort of renovation feeling. We harvested the last white eggplants and finally prepared the soil in the wooden boxes —where we had our tomatoes last summer—, for the winter kitchen garden.
We are already growing cauliflower and broccoli. The first lettuce, beets and radish sprouts are just starting to show up. My beloved arugulas are naturally coming back and I’m having baby arugula salad every day.
Life is beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!

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