Canning Potage Saint Germain

This week, while having a delicious bowl of tomato soup —that I canned during my tomato frenzy last summer—  I decided that, with this weather, I'm going to have soup everyday at lunch time.

So yesterday, I doubled the recipe of my green pea soup, we had it for lunch and today I canned the rest.
I froze this soup in the past. But after learning to can whatever can be canned, I swear there is no better method to preserve the flavor, color and texture of the food.
I’m planning to do the same this weekend with lentil soup.
Just in case you want to can your green pea soup too, here is the method, step by step:

. Pour the soup in sterilized 16 ounce jars. Make sure to leave ½ -inch headspace and that there is no soup in the headspace (food particles may interfere with sealing).

. Cap the jars for processing by fitting a screw band snugly over the jar rim and lid.

. Fill a water bath canner halfway with water. Place the jars in the rack. Make sure the water covers the jars at least by 1 inch.

. Cover the canner and bring the water to boil. Once the water starts boiling, process for 25-30 minutes.

. Place the processed jars on kitchen towels. Let them rest until they cool down. The lids will pop and become concave, indicating the jars are sealed. If the lid doesn’t pop and doesn’t look concave, reprocess the jar with a new lid or refrigerate and eat in the next few days.
Canned green pea soup must be saved in a dark place.

To print the green pea soup recipe click here.
To print the canning method click here.

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