The Secret Pleasure of an Iced Cappuccino

The kids went back to school more than a week ago. Summer vacations are over.

This does not mean summer is over. Not at all. At least not in Southern California, where, according to my experience, the second half of August and the first half of September are the hottest weeks... of the entire year...
That means iced cappuccino. My beloved iced cappuccino. With tons of ice. To keep me cool. And awake. I'm a coffee lover, you know.
Here is my iced cappuccino. With Splenda. So it is refreshing, delicious and more important: guilt free. Did I say I love Splenda? Now you know it. My "fake sugar", like my gourmet son Andrés Ignacio (9) loves to say.
I take the fresh left over coffee from the morning and pour it in glass full of crushed ice. Then, I add the Splenda. Finally, I add my skimmed milk with lots of froth.
Ah... and to make it sexier, I dust it with some chocolate (grated with a micro peeler) and serve it with a straw. Isn't this gorgeous? Who needs to go to Starbucks?

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