Kumquat Rumpirinha

Last Friday I was packing for Newport Beach, and my dear Elimay commented on my post on kumquat marmalade. Besides sending me another recipe for a kumquat with gin marmalade, she told me that in Germany, where she lives, they make kumquat caipirinhas.

Immediately, I packed a couple of those wonderful kumquats from the neighbors and today I decided to try a kumquat rumpirinha (made out of Ron de Venezuela instead of cachaça.)
It was happy hour after a wonderful day with the kids swimming and playing by the pool, so we relaxed and enjoyed the majestic views of the Pacific Ocean in this beach city that I definitely love.
The recipe maintains the proportions of the rumpirinha. Instead of brown sugar I used Splenda so I don’t have to double my daily workout, and substituted the limes with kumquats. The result is a sweet, colorful cocktail, refreshing and very citrusy. Cheers!
Kumquat Rumpirinha
2 oz. of Ron de Venezuela Santa Teresa Claro
8 kumquats lengthwise cut
2 Tsp. of Splenda

Chill a rock short glass with cracked ice. In a mixing glass, muddle the kumquats with the Splenda to extract the juice and the oil in the skin. Add the rum and the ice from the glass and shake well. Pour the entire content in the chilled short glass. Garnish with a kumquat.

To print the recipe click here.

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