Homemade Cappuccino

While living in the Village, in New York City, I fell in love with cappuccinos. I used to go to Dean & Deluca, for my daily treat... of iced cappuccino and then, do homework… Even in the middle of the winter, no matter the snow or if it was raining, I ordered my skimmed milk iced cappuccino... Fifteen years later, every time I go back to the city, I stop by any Dean & Deluca to treat myself with my favorite iced coffee…
Cappuccino is a combination of espresso coffee and steamed milk froth, which owns its name to the brown color of the habits of the Capuchin friars. It was first introduced by the Italians in the early 20th century and became especially popular with the introduction of the Gaggia espresso machines, in the late 40s.
But the main reason I’m writing this post is not because I want to tell you about my life as a grad student in the Big Apple or because I want to write about the history of coffee.
I'm writing this to tell you about one of the last kitchen gadgets I bought. I got it last Thanksgiving in Newport Beach, after I met a Venezuelan Italian friend in San Clemente. At her home, Nury offered me a cappuccino, full of milk froth, in a real Italian fashion. Her only secret: the frothier, that she had bought many years ago in Italy.
On Black Friday, I went to shop at Williams Sonoma (you know, when you like cooking, you shop for aprons and kitchens towels like if you were buying the ultimate black dress at BCBG or DKNY), and asked for a frothier. It wasn’t on sale but I was committed to the pleasure of homemade daily cappuccino...
I have been using my aerolatte frothier once or twice a day since then. It's worth every single penny I paid for it. I heat the milk and it froths it like a steamer in an espresso machine, giving the milk a velvety texture. My only complaint —if you can call this a complaint— is that you have to replace the batteries every two months. Of course this is nothing compared to the fact it makes my everyday life happier and makes me smile with every sip!

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