1, 2, 3 Arepas!

Since I posted my arepas enriched with eggs and cheese, I got tons of suggestions to make carrot and sesame seeds arepas, herbs and crushed red pepper arepas, arepas with crunchy bacon bites and so on. Honestly, I didn´t know our arepas were that versatile and I promise I’ll start experimenting more with Harina PAN.
On the other hand, one reader from Chile asked me for the recipe to make plain grilled arepas. I thought that was so cute, because the recipe is printed on the Harina PAN package and if you follow those directions you will get the perfect dough. That’s exactly what I do. My only “secret” is I don’t add any salt.
Another story is to give the arepas their perfect round flat shape and this is why, among other reasons, arepa makers are so popular these days: you just make a little ball of dough and the arepa maker will do the rest.
For those of you unfamiliar with the art of making arepas, here is the not so secret formula to make the best plain ones! By the way, this is the same recipe used yesterday by Empresas Polar in my home country to celebrate the 50 anniversary of Harina PAN and enter the Guinness record book with an arepa weighing 493.2 kilos!
Arepas | Ingredients for 10 small to medium arepas
2 ½ cups of luke warm water
2 cups of Harina PAN (pre cooked arepa flour)
Pour the water in a bowl. Add the flour and mix with your hands until well incorporated. Let stand for 2 minutes. Form dough balls the size you like your arepas or according to the size of your arepa maker. Cook following the instructions of the arepa maker. In the case of my Miallegro arepa maker, it takes 12 minute to have the arepas done.
To print the recipe click here.

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