Gelato Paradiso, A Truly Gelato Heaven

I’m a gelato lover. I remember the first time I went to Venice, it was winter, cold and raining and I couldn’t avoid stopping at every single gelateria, get two, three gelato scoops on a waffle cone, and then go back to those narrow alleys and enjoy my gelatos under my umbrella only to stop by the next shop.
Then, an Italian family business, Heladería 4D, opened in Margarita Island, in my home country, where we used to spend our Easter, summer and Christmas vacations. All the flavors you can dream were there. Going to 4D every afternoon or evening during my vacations was mandatory. A few years later, they opened two deluxe 4D gelaterias in Caracas where I used to buy gelato by the liter.
A few weeks ago, while in Newport, I discovered Gelato Paradiso. The perfect name for the perfect gelato. For four days in a row I took my boys either to the Laguna Beach shop or to Fashion Island. They have another shop in Corona del Mar. All of them truly gelato heavens, serving truly Italian gelato with “a Southern California twist".
They proudly explain the difference between ice cream and gelato. Ice cream is an egg yolks, sugar and cream mixture, with added air and combined with artificial flavors. Gelatos omit the fat cream and use milk instead. In spite of the fact they skip the egg yolk, they are creamier and more flavorful due to natural ingredients including nuts, chocolates, berries and other fruits. They also have fewer calories than their American cousins.
Gelato Paradiso brings 18 of the richest and creamiest artisanal gelato flavors, daily handmade in small batches with the best ingredients imported from Italy. I’m in love with nocciola (hazelnut), mandorla (almond) pistachio, gianduia (hazelnut and chocolate) and frutti di bosco (milk and soft berries.) They have some seasonal flavors like the Thanksgiving pumpkin gelato cake and also serve amazing sorbettos.
Every single scoop is absolutely mouth watering. Everything is served in a very charming Italian style. They take gelato seriously.

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