A Cocktail for the Pilgrims

To celebrate the Holy Year of St. James (a year like 2010, in which July 25 falls on a Sunday), Pablo Mosquera-Costoya, a Spanish mixologist from A Coruña, created a cocktail inspired by El Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James.)
This route is also known as The Milky Way because, according to tradition, the apostle St. James appeared to Charlemagne and pointed to the starry sky as a guide to get to Compostela. This is a route of pilgrimage where people from all over the world walk for weeks until they reach the end point: St. James Tomb in the majestic cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Northern Spain.
Based on his own experience as a pilgrim, according to which after a hard night in a shelter —often crowded— what you want is an espresso with a "few drops" of your favorite spirit, Pablo decided to do a bit more… His idea was to create a drink "exciting and vibrant," to use his own words, for pilgrims to travel the Milky Way with more strength and desire.
Pablo, who is representing Galicia mixologist at the Bartenders Show of Barcelona, named his creation "El Camino de Santa Teresa," because the cocktail is made with extra aged Ron de Venezuela Selecto. It was introduced in Vigo, in the Year of St James, after a rum tasting at Hotel Pazo de Los Escudos.
In spite of its Milky Way origins, not milk or cream is used to achieve the foamy consistency of "El Camino de Santa Teresa". On the contrary the foam is made of beaten egg whites. Cheers!
El Camino de Santa Teresa | Ingredients
½ of an egg white
1 ½ oz of cold espresso
½ oz of white chocolate syrup
1 bar spoon of sugar
1 ¾ oz of Selecto extra añejo rum
In a blender, mix the egg white, sugar, rum and white chocolate syrup. Mix until it’s emulsified and soft peaks are formed. Add coffee and re-beat. Pour the mixture in a boston with ice and shake for 20 seconds. Strain in a cold martini glass. Let stand one minute so, the foam goes to the top of the drink and the rum and coffee mix stays in the bottom.

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