My New Rum Supply

Two very nice things happened to me during the last few weeks. Chronologically, first, I found DrinkUpNY on Twitter, a wine and spirits store in New York City. They carry Ron de Venezuela Santa Teresa 1796 and Santa Teresa Añejo. They also offer really competitive prices and give free shipping in all the states on orders over $99.99, except Alaska and Hawaii.
Second, one of  mycoleagues, Calhermi Naranjo, from Club del Ron Santa Teresa, came from Caracas to spend a week in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She was so kind, that she brought me an absolutely unexpected bottle of Santa Teresa 1796. Sweet!
Finding DrinkUpNY, meant the end of rum shortage in my house. Here, the añejos and rum liquors I treasure so much, came from my home country. They come either directly (like the bottle Cali carried for me) or via Florida or New York, where they are sold everywhere.
I already placed two orders. The service was impeccable and my bar is almost fully stocked. I’m still missing my favorite rum for mojitos and daiquiris, Santa Teresa Claro, and Bill’s favorite rum and orange liquor Rhum Orange Liqueur.
Calhermi's bottle, reminded me of one of the most cherished Venezuelan traditions regarding rum and the holidays. We drink it, we give it as Christmas presents, we make punch, we praise it in Christmas carols, parrandas, gaitas and all kind of songs and last, but not least, I bake my Black Rum Cake for Christmas.
So, thanks to these two happy events, I’ll be back mixing rum cocktails and writing about them and, for sure, writing more about the wonders of our Ron de Venezuela.

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