So, I’m flattered

The book in the picture is the 2001 edition of Quién es quién en la cocina (Who is Who in the —Venezuelan— Cuisine.) Edited by the Venezuelan Fundación Francisco Herrera Luque (Francisco Herrera Luque Foundation,) I received it as a Christmas present from my loving friend, Rocío Guijarro, back in 2003. Something really exciting happened to me a few weeks ago. I got an email from Fundación Francisco Herrera Luque inviting me to be part of this year’s ‘Who is Who…’

I was surprised and flattered. I’m the one being an editor, managing editorial projects, writing, editing, proof reading, being a ghost writer… In more than 30 years, first as a journalist, then as a PR person and now as a content guru, it was never about me, but about the news, the stories that I wrote and the people and companies that I work for. Trained as a reporter, I never wrote using the singular first person. I like, I love, I do, I know, I think, is a new experience for me and I guess you guys like it and I do too!

So, they asked me for a recipe and a short story about me and my cooking. I’ll be there with big names in my home country, among others, my colleague Miro Popic, to whom I interviewed when he was launching the first edition of El libro del pan de jamón y otros panes (The Book of Pan de Jamón and other Breads), back in the 80s; humorist, writer and cook Claudio Nazoa, and world renowned plastic artist, Carlos Cruz-Diez.

The goal of the book is to contribute to a better understanding of the Venezuelan cuisine, the people who make it, the stories ecipes can tell and how we create and keep our culinary traditions. I feel more than honored to be part of this project, especially because living so far away, I feel so close to my home country.

I already sent my recipe and before Christmas (I choose my Rum "Black" Cake for Christmas.) I will post it here. I just wanted to share the good news with you and thank you for reading my stories…

Thanks a lot!

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